Painted Grundback Gunners

Here are a pair of Grundback Gunners, light Warjacks for my Warmachine Mercenaries. They’re popularly known as gunbunnies along with a variant with a different weapon, and for a while there was a list archetype called a bunny warren that focussed on a lot of these. They’re very efficient in game, being little more than a gun and legs; no paying points for unnecessary melee capabilities! This also gives them a bit of an advantage in terms of playing on a deathclock; they can only do one thing so it’s a pretty easy decision process to move them and then shoot something.

I think that the Gunners are really cute little robots and I could easily see myself painting more of them. They are meant to be mass produced by the family of Warcaster Gorten Grundback and so I deliberately kept the paint scheme simple as befits an assembly line constructed robot.

Next on the painting table: Blighted Trollkin Marauders

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10 thoughts on “Painted Grundback Gunners

  1. Cool 😊

  2. Like your painting logic for these little chaps and I’m guessing the word cute is not one you regularly use to describe your figures! 😉

    • Thanks. I certainly don’t mind a bit of cute in my miniatures… few are as cute as these little bunnies though.

  3. Nice! I could see modifying them for a 40k grot army!

    • Thank you. They could easily join in Alex’s Dreadmob too.

      Actually you should look up Ledfoot & Tredz from PP’s Riot Quest game; it’s basically a comedy tiny tank with a little chap poking out of the hatch. I imagine that converting them for a Grot force in 40K would be the work of minutes.

  4. They are quite funky

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