Painted Targ

This is Targ, a warlock attachment for my Minions army in Hordes. I’ve only tried him so far with Dr Arkadius which is fitting since they work together (in a master and servant kind of way) in the stories. Mechanically he supports Warbeasts by controlling them when they’re far from the Warlock, by healing them and by granting an additional out-of-activation attack. All those things are cute but I never really got Targ to work well for me and in the end I always just ended up preferring to spend the points elsewhere. Having said that, much better players than I am seem to make good use of Targ so evidently the problem is with me.

I like Targ’s characterful sculpt and I can easily imagine him rasping ‘yeth marthter’ and reaching for another jar of pickled brains or whatever while helping Dr Arkadius in his work. I vaguely recall that Targ’s backstory has him as one of Dr Arkadius’s first surgical transplantation subjects, hence the outsized right hand. I wanted to keep Targ’s body colouring somewhat naturalistic, despite the inclination to do his hand a different skin tone to the rest of him. Initially I was going to paint the apron in a leathery colour but I felt that the overall effect was too overwhelming brown so I made it more like a butcher’s whites instead. Hopefully it still looks unhygienic enough to suit the character.

Next on the painting table: Grundback Gunners.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Targ

  1. I think you made the right decision on going for white. The brown would have been lost I fear but instead you’ve achieved a realy nice contrast which brings out the best in the surrounding colours.

    • Cheers. Ultimately I don’t actually find a use at the moment for Targ so whatever colour his apron turned out to be, he’s going to be wearing it in my case!

  2. can’t beat a good flesh golem 🙂

    • Strictly speaking he’s more of an amputee than a golem since I think he has been continuously alive for the whole story.

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