Painted Charm Warders

This curious pair are Charm Warders, part of the Ten Thunders faction in Malifaux. It’s been a very long time since I painted anything for Malifaux, and even longer since I did Ten Thunders, but there is a new edition out so I wanted to go back to this faction. As it happens, life rather got in the way and I’ve only played about two games of M3E but so far it seems quite fun. Charm Warders have specific abilities against summoning but seem pretty fun in general, having attacks that work close-in and at range and not being super-easy to kill.

I imagine that somewhere in the world there must be some kind of fairy tale or folklore which involves magic people riding around on giant space hoppers, but I have never seen it. Perhaps the inspiration for Charm Warders is an original idea from the Wyrd team after all. Regardless of their origins, I really love the wacky design of the Charm Warders. I think that the space hoppers are meant to be lanterns so I painted them accordingly, then made the robes alternately green and white to tie the pair together without making it look like a uniform. I’m quite satisfied.

Next on the painting table: Jussika Bloodtongue.

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9 thoughts on “Painted Charm Warders

  1. Malifaux. Man I haven’t played since just before ME3 was released. Might be time to drag out the old factions and see how they play in the new system. Oh, and the mini’s look great!

    • Cheers!

      To be honest, I think I’ve only played about one and a half games of M3E so far. It felt pretty good though; recognisably Malifaux and with a handful of the more annoying rules niggles from the previous edition ironed out. It’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Like what you’ve done with the purple and orange, really makes them stand out.

    • Thanks very much. I kind of worry that I made the focus of the miniature the ‘mount’ rather than the rider but I guess it is too late now.

      • I find the basing is what often makes a figure stand out from the rest. It pulls the viewer in and then they appreciate the rest rather than pass it by.

  3. Wow those are interesting! Ghosty figures riding red lanterns! Very cool, especially the “too sweet”!

    • Cheers! They’re pretty odd miniatures so I’m not totally sure what’s going on with them. In game terms, they have the ‘living’ tag so the riders are supposed to be regular (magical?) people rather than ghosts.

      Is the ‘too sweet’ the hand gesture? I’m not familiar with that. I figured that they were a metalhead throwing up the horns!

  4. These guys are really cool, and really weird… so perfect for Malefaux then 🙂 I love what you’ve done with them – the simplicity of the colour scheme really helps to make sense of the minis and is very striking

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