Painted Bloodgorgers

These are Bloodgorgers, a unit of Blighted Trollkin which form part of my gradually-expanding Cryx army for Warmachine. Needless to say, they’re a high-output melee unit with little to recommend them in terms of defence. The main draw of Bloodgorgers is that they get Berserk when General Slaughterborn is on the table which allows them to threaten entire units of light infantry each, at least assuming that their would-be victims aren’t spread out too much. In practice, I never seem to actually get this to work but the additional pressure on the other player not to give me that opportunity is probably worth it in terms of giving them an opportunity to make mistakes.

Painting the Bloodgorgers was a lot of fun. They’re pretty aged sculpts and, while that does show a little in the rather linear poses, it also made them very easy to paint. As with General Slaughterborn I tried to make the skin tones tie in with other Trollkin I’ve painted in the past. Since there are only five different sculpts I was careful to mix up the combinations of skin and armour colouring so that each Bloodgorger is a unique individual. Upon painting them, I noticed that the robes have a sort of face sculpted into it. Being baddies, it’s possible that the stories have them doing something like wearing the skin of their victims or something equally grim; anyway I preferred a nice clean green so maybe if that is the case then they clearly only visit Warhammer Orks for their leather needs.

This one is the leader; he’s a bit larger than the others and has a unique sculpt. I also quite like how his armour is made to go round all the spiky bits on his back.

With two weapons, Bloodgorgers are slightly less prone to missing all their attacks and therefore failing to set up Berserk chains through the other army than other units I’ve tried in the past. It still happens all the time though.

Needless to say, with a name like ‘Bloodgorgers’ these are definitely the baddies of the story. It always makes me think of this perfect sketch.

I’m fairly sure that bronze weapons are strictly worse than iron ones. On the other hand, mixing up the colours looks nicer on the tabletop. Plus, magic exists in the setting so I can always pretend that the bronze weapons are actually made of unobtainium or whatever. To be honest, I don’t generally stress about the silly stuff in these games; the stories always break down if you look into them too deeply.

Next on the painting table: Iron Lich Asphyxious

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10 thoughts on “Painted Bloodgorgers

  1. Nicely done mate – they make for an intimidating group!

  2. Very cool. Your Trollbloods horde must be massive by now!

    • Cheers. Strictly speaking, these are actually from the Cryx faction as they’re baddie Trollbloods. I have another unit of Blighted Trollkin on the ‘to do’ list as I have the much-more-recently-released Marauders too (also Cryx).

      • Ah ok. I don’t know much (barely anything) about the Warmahordes factions. I have a few starter sets and did almost buy in bigtime to a few facitons simply based on cool models, but managed to hold myself back, given the amount of backlog I already have!

        • It’s a really great game but I have the impression that you’re not so excited by the gaming side of things when compared to painting and modelling. There are plenty of cool miniatures in their range though, so in this case perhaps you can live vicariously through my adventures in WarmaHordes.

          • I’d like to play more. Just that my old group fell apart a long time ago and the friends I’d bene hanging around with more recently weren’t what we’d call miniatures gamers. If only we could get this online blogger group together!

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