Painted Severa Blacktide

This is Severa Blacktide, the second named Satyxis solo for my Warmachine Cryx army. Severa is much more tightly focused in her role than Axiara Wraithblade in that she’s all about shooting. Not only is she a pretty handy shot with those pistols, but she also grants Run and Gun to Satyxis Gunslingers (and has it herself) allowing them to live much longer by shooting things and then moving to safety. In theory Severa has a cool ability where if she hits the same target with both guns she gets to push nearby models into it and then have a magical explosion occur, but in practice I found that the needed combination of targets and priorities just never seemed to come up.

Just like Axiara, I really loved painting Severa Blacktide. The paint just seemed to go on very nicely and there was no part where I was trying get my brush in at some tricky angle. Whoever sculpted these really gets my appreciation.

Next on the painting table: War Hog

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7 thoughts on “Painted Severa Blacktide

  1. Looking good.

  2. Nice – can’t beat a classic gunslinger pose

  3. Interesting – steampunk meets World of Warcraft almost! The dark skintone looks great as well. 🙂

    • Thank you very much!

      In a sense that is the Warmachine / Hordes world in a nutshell. Though I had the impression that WoW has a certain amount of steampunk in it already, with Gnomes riding mechanical ostriches etc.

      • Yeah, Gnomes, Mechagnomes and Goblins do the Steampunk thing – but it’s largely limited ot those three. Ok, and a bit with some of the dwarves as well…

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