Painted Kharybdis

This mighty Helljack is Kharybdis, part of my Cryx force for Warmachine. It’s a premium heave Warjack mainly focussed on melee with its tentacles, though it can attack at range with an amusing ink spray. The tentacles helpfully avoid a few defensive abilities, notably shields, to get Kharybdis a bit more traction against certain opponents; however I’m nowhere near good enough at the game to consciously point her at her favoured prey so usually this is just a fortuitous bonus for me.

Kharybdis’ miniature is very nice; both characterful and distinct from other Cryx Warjacks. However, for some reason I found her to be really grindy to paint and was very glad when I was able to finish her to a standard that I consider acceptable. I tried the slightly different approach of painting all of the surface apart from the large flat carapace sections first, and possibly this effectively saved up all the boring parts of the paint job until the end. Anyway, now that she’s finished I’m quite happy. The ‘oh my God, tentacles’ sculpt of Kharybdis didn’t do my photography any favours and I really struggled to get a single good photo from the front as the focus just never looked correct.

I dedicate this post to Ann‘s March Might & Magic Painting Challenge. What could be more mighty than a giant death-robot flailing it’s terrifying metal tentacles around? If you’re not familiar with Ann’s excellent blog then I recommend you take a look.

Here is Kharybdis with her bonded Warcaster, Aiakos. It is not a requirement in game to have them together but Kharybdis does get a slight benefit from being in Aiakos’s battlegroup.

Next on the painting table: General Gerlak Slaughterborn.

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9 thoughts on “Painted Kharybdis

  1. Wow, that looks like a sod to paint, and is certainly a sod to photograph! Rather you than me mate 😉

    • I think that probably the issues could be fixed by, respectively, being a better painter and a better photographer. It was certainly good to get her finished.

  2. Ann

    I agree with Alex. Apparently all of those tentacles provide a suitable buff against shields but also against camera focus attacks! 🙂

    Thank you for the dedication, kind words, and offering your mighty demon engine monstrosity for the painting challenge.

    • If you actually want to know what a competent photographer can do with this miniature, the Privateer Press website has their studio version in the gallery. Surprisingly, it is rather better painted than this one too 😉

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  5. Nice work – and as I said about the Manbearpigbot yesterday – that thing is bloody crazy looking as well! 🙂

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