Painted Slaughter Queen

This is a (and apparently not ‘the’) Slaughter Queen, a hero choice for the Daughters of Khaine in Age of Sigmar. I have the impression that she was perhaps a Lord choice (compared to the ‘Hero’ level of the Hag Queen) in previous versions of Warhammer Fantasy but all heroes are created equal these days. Perhaps fittingly considering her attire, the Slaughter Queen is pretty easy to kill which is unfortunate since the story of the game indicates that she should be thrown into groups of enemies with wild abandon. Instead I’ve had slightly better use of her abilities when held back to use her magic to improve other units, and even better use when I use the miniature as an alternate sculpt for a second Hag Queen.

The miniature is probably the dullest of the Daughters of Khaine range as the Slaughter Queen is just standing around in the classic ‘high priestess’ pose. The lack of movement makes her outrageous 80s haircut even more amusing, possibly some of her magic is distilled into potent hair gel. I picked a light blue to make her stand out easily against the red of the Hag Queen and I think that the final effect works quite nicely.

Since the Slaughter Queen is the last of my current Daughters of Khaine miniatures I’ll dig the others out of their box and get a family photo shortly.

Next on the painting table: Blackhide Wrastler

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8 thoughts on “Painted Slaughter Queen

  1. Love that blue, a dominant colour for a dominant female.

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    I agree that the blue looks really good. Congrats on finishing your Daughters of Khaine. It always feels good to complete an army.

  3. Nicely done mate – the amount of hair is truly insane! 🙂

  4. Nicely done. All I can think of now is: big hair, big hair, big hair. It’s almost Tina Turner-esque!

    • Thanks! The hair is really ridiculous. In some ways the whole 80s over-the-top vibe allows the tongue-in-cheek fluff of bathing in blood and stuff to work. It’s like Ozzy Osbourne wrote their back story while drunk in 1982 and forgot to update it since.

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