Painted Gun Boar (part one)

This is a Gun Boar, part of my growing force of Minions in Hordes. You can probably learn just about everything about the Gun Boar’s role in the game just by looking at it – a big gun for shooting people far away, and some fists for punching them (usually quite effectively) when they get closer. I usually just let the Gun Boar lurk around the edge of the engagement area and shoot at targets of opportunity. It is also cheap enough that I don’t mind pushing it to contest a zone for a turn, though of course that is almost inevitably the last thing it does in that game.

I wanted to give this Gun Boar the classic pink pig look from children’s books and I feel that this has worked out reasonably well. I was not sure at all how to approach the hairy bits around the face and neck. Real pigs (at least, the ones on farms in my area) tend not to have huge manes of hair anyway, and more importantly I thought it would look really weird to have the Gun Boar sporting some snazzy blond hair. So in the end I took the simplest option and kept it to the same colour as the skin; it still looks a bit odd though.

Next on the painting table: Blood Sisters

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3 thoughts on “Painted Gun Boar (part one)

  1. Nice work on Mr.Piggy here. If you want to differentiate the mane, you could just try giving it a darker wash, or a coat of one of the less opaque Contrast paint browns.

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