Painted Gatorman Soul Slave

This is a Gatorman Soul Slave, a Warlock Attachment for my Hordes Minions army. Warlock Attachment means exactly what it says; this chap has to work with my Warlock. He can cast one of the Warlock’s spells for free (albeit with a fairly terrible stat) and allows an upkeep for free. That latter part is almost worth taking the Soul Slave for alone; I usually run him with Jaga Jaga as she tends to run short on Fury all the time. The initial reason I included the Soul Slave with Jaga Jaga was to solve some order-of-activation issues for her Feat. The Soul Slave can cast Ghost Walk on my jamming unit (currently Boomhowler and Company) so that they can go into the most annoying places possible in their activation before Jaga Jaga activates and uses her Feat to blow them all up (hopefully to my overall benefit). Without the Soul Slave, I don’t get to move the jamming unit between casting Ghost Walk and using the Feat, making it much less aggressive.

The Soul Slave is meant to be some kind of zombie alligator. I don’t have the slightest idea how to paint alligator scales to look like they’re decaying, so after some consideration decided that just painting them green and enjoying myself would be more useful. The model is packed with character from the braziers across its shoulders to the manacles on wrists and ankles and I really loved bring him to (un)life. Sometimes a model just seems to want to be painted.

Next on the painting table: Gun Boar.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Gatorman Soul Slave

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  2. Well, that is one cool model. Nice use of colour here and I particularly like the flame effect you’ve achieved. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s a pretty unusual sculpt, partly because it’s so un-dynamic (is that even a word) and obviously non-combatant. I think that it fits the story aspect (of being a subservient magical slave) pretty well.

  3. Agreed that is a really unusual model and should really stand out against your trolls. I love the shackles and detail and I’d have painted the scales the same way. I like it.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The Soul Slave is actually part of my Minions force and not the Trollbloods; I just haven’t painted any Warlocks from that force yet so they’re not on this blog.

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