Painted Swamp Horror (part two)

Here is a second Swamp Horror for my Minions force in Hordes. There isn’t much to say about it mechanically that I didn’t already mention in the post about the previous one. So I’ll just repeat a little of what I wrote there: Overtake plus Pull plus a 4” reach on the tentacles is extremely entertaining to play with.

When assembling the pair of Swamp Horrors I had the idea that I would try to do some minor conversion work on the position of the tentacles so that they didn’t look identically posed. As it turns out, assembling these little blighters is quite annoying and in the end I was glad to get away without doing something stupid like drilling into my fingers in the process. So, here we have another Swamp Horror in a dance routine, matching its sister. Instead, I painted it very differently so it would be easy for me to track which one had taken however many wounds in a game. Real life octopuses come in all sorts of different colours (and even if they didn’t, I have no qualms about making things up for giant land-based magic octopuses) so I decided to go out on a limb and make the main body purple. I think that this simple contrast between the skin and the cream colour of the underbelly and shell (?) looks quite striking. It was also a nice quick win to get this one done and off the table.

Next on the painting table: Gatorman Soul Slave

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4 thoughts on “Painted Swamp Horror (part two)

  1. Ann

    I agree, I like the contrast between the horned/suction cups and the flesh. I wonder if the miniature might not (especially the skin) benefit from a light dry brush, though I think it looks good as is too.

    Yeah, 4″ reach sounds pretty good, though I don’t know much about Hordes, only having played a couple of demo games some years ago when I was the throes of 40K.

    • Thanks, you have a very kind way to provide critique! I did try a pink-ish drybrush over the skin but I guess I didn’t pick the right tone as it doesn’t stand out too well. I almost wonder if I picked a purple that was too rich for my planned highlights. It is definitely something else for me to try to improve on for future miniatures.

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