Painted Plaguebearers (part 1)

Here are the first ten Plaguebearers for my Chaos Daemon army. They fulfil my troops choice and appear to be fairly effective so I guess I’ll eventually end up with quite a few of them. In particular, the main benefit that Plaguebearers bring is being really inefficient to kill so I want to maximise that by taking the full-size unit of 30 so that they can maintain the benefit of their -1 to hit ability for as long as possible. When it comes to actually killing stuff, Plaguebearers are not my first choice. But they excel at sitting on objectives and not dying very fast, so usually I punt them onto an objective and / or ram them down the throat of something that specialises in massive single target damage and just let them grind it out over a few turns.

In contrast to the Poxbringer, I wanted this (first, perhaps of several) unit of Plaguebearers to sport green skin. As with the Poxbringer, I did this by applying two layers of Biel-Tan Green wash over a white undercoat. I deliberately kept to a minimal approach for detailing the miniatures since I expect to end up with 30, 60 or even more of these in my army, so most of the smaller spots / boils / etc on their bodies were not specifically picked out. I like the way that the green skin and bone weapons work together.

Next on the painting table: Nurglings.

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13 thoughts on “Painted Plaguebearers (part 1)

  1. Very nice mate – I have a friend who does his PBs the same way but with camoshade rather than Biel-Tan, but I really like the brighter green!

    • Thanks. To be honest these could have just as easily been one of the other green washes; I just happened to have Biel-Tan handy. Having said that, I do like the lighter result.

  2. Do you plan on trying out some of the new wonder-paints?

    • Hmm, to be honest I don’t really know anything about them. What makes them wonderful?

      • I haven’t used them yet either, but there is a lot of noise about them on the internet… Use a special undercoat, and then one coat of paint that does shade, base and highlight in one pass! Big range of colours too, including some good Nurgly ones… I’d check it out if I were you mate – Citadel Contrast paints 😉

        • I was speaking to the staff in one of the GWs last week and they said the new paints would also work on the existing corax white spray. However the new sprays do a thinner coat on the models and that is one of the reasons contrast paints work better on them (apparently).

          • Thanks both. I’ll check it out next time I’m at a GW. It sounds like just the job for a painter of my limited talent!

  3. Flames of the Phoenix

    Those look nice. I think that the contrast between the colors is really good. I always hated fighting against Nurgle.

    • Thanks very much.

      You’ll be in the same boat as my friends in that case. In my last game against Gary’s Space Wolves, he had probably 25 – 30 marines of various sorts. I had 3 units of 30 (2 Plaguebearers, 1 of Bloodletters) so he felt pretty badly outnumbered. So far both he and Gareth have been struggling to chew through the Plaguebearer wound tar pit in an efficient way.

  4. Very nicely done.

  5. The red of the open sores work really well against the green flesh as does the bone. It makes a nice change to also not see corroded metal!

    • Thanks. I’m pretty pleased with how nice these look considering the low amount of effort involved in painting them.

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