Painted Poxbringer

This is a Poxbringer, the first miniature in a fledgling Chaos Daemon army for Warhammer 40,000 (and Age of Sigmar, at least in theory). In the time since I last played the game, all the Heralds have been renamed into something more silly and copyright-able; in this case the Poxbringer would previously have been a Herald of Nurgle. It’s a pretty cheap HQ choice and mainly benefits me by increasing the strength of other nearby Nurgle units and occasionally contributing some damage or similar with a psychic power. The few times I’ve been desperate enough to commit the Poxbringer to close combat have gone pretty poorly so I generally aim to keep it behind a big blob of Plaguebearers.

Furycat and I got the itch to play GW games again after a rather long break so we’ve been dipping in with 500 and 1000 point games between combination of my Daemons, his Space Marines and Gary’s Space Wolves. You can read a bit about his initial thoughts here: link. So far 8th edition has been quite entertaining, being fairly smooth on rules interactions and at least tolerably balanced (by GW standards). The missions are the main let down as we’re playing with the scenarios from the main rule book but I understand that there are alternative options available for us to research.

I’m splitting the skin tone of the Nurgle units between green and brown; as can clearly be seen the Poxbringer got brown. I’ve been trying a new approach of working mainly with washes for the bulk of the miniature, so in this case I started from a white undercoat and went straight in with two washes of Seraphim Sepia. Everything else is done in the ‘normal’ way; i.e. with paint first. I like the way that the purple guts contrast with the skin, but the bone of the weapon and tree / antler (?) thing sticking out of the Poxbringer’s back is probably a bit too close in tone. I couldn’t think of a clever way to fix that since I want to keep those bony colours consistent even for when I get to the units with green skin and so it needs to be something both slightly naturalistic and contrasting with green. Even with that, I like the result and feel that the Poxbringer will be a good start to my Chaos Daemons. One down, potentially hundreds still to go!

Next on the painting table: Plaguebearers.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Poxbringer

  1. Well to my eye mate it all contrasts very nicely indeed. Looking forward to how you progress with these but a great start that’s for sure.

    • Thanks. I quite like the way that the purple stands out, but the skin / weapon contrast is a bit weak. Luckily Ann and Azazel have good suggestions below.

  2. Nice job mate – it’s hard to go wrong with washes on a Nurgle mini… and quick too!

    • Thanks. I decided that speed of painting was going to have to be a factor in choosing how to deal with the Daemons so I was pleased by how good the washes approach ended up looking.

  3. Ann

    Nice herald. I like the ghostly nurgling. 🙂 I see what you mean about the weapon and horns. Maybe a light highlight with a light color, such as Nurgling Green and/or Screaming Skull or something of that ilk?

    • Thanks Ann! I have a long way to go to catch up with your epic Nurgle forces.

      Good call about the highlighting, I’ll see if I can take the edges up a bit with a very light colour.

      • Ann

        Heh, well, I don’t know how epic they are, mostly these days they are my epic, neglected Nurgle Forces (ENNF) what with school and all, but the fortunate thing about Nurgle is once you are infected the rot gets into your blood, your very core and it’ll never go away so I’m sure that eventually the working-on-my-MFA-or-driving-my-bus-at-work-situation will fall away like an old, rotten skin and someday I’ll add more Nurglites to my forces or at least take some pictures of the latest poxwalker I finished some time ago now.

        I think your poxbringer/herald looks good; it’ll look even sharper with a little bit of highlighting.

        • Well, one of the great things about this hobby is that it never needs to go away entirely. Sometimes we can be too busy for it, but when life calms down again the paintbrushes are still ready and waiting.

          I look forward to seeing the next Poxbringer in your queue!

          • Ann

            So very true. It’ll always be there waiting for me and I’m certainly not going away from painting entirely. Still gotta take some pictures of that wretched poxwalker though. 🙂

  4. Nice work! I’d go with Ann’s advice on a subtle highlight – either edge or blending or even a light drybrush with the lighter tone.

    • Thank you! I think you’re both right (though blending is rather far from my skill set 🙂 ) so I’ll see about doing some edge highlighting on this weapon.

  5. Very nice work mate.

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