Painted Runebearer

This is a (or possibly ‘the’) Runebearer, a caster attachment for my Hordes Trollbloods army. He is entirely about supporting your Warlock of choice and seems to bring something of value to all of them. The Runebearer increases the size of the Warlock’s Control Area which is pretty useful all the time, and can cast one of their spells for them. In terms of abilities, that is about it but I think that I’ve never really regretted taking him into a game with me. The Runebearer is also a solo which means that he can score flags and I’m generally quite happy to keep him back there out of harm’s way.

The Runebearer suffers rather from having a somewhat boring sculpt, but I suppose since he’s meant to be Moses this is to be expected. I went for a somewhat drab clothing colour as befits the Runebearer’s status as a support model, and I think it works pretty well for him. Once again I started off trying to do a glowing effect on the runes on the tablets but I was not happy with the results so I went over them as grey stone.

Next on the painting table: Seishin

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7 thoughts on “Painted Runebearer

  1. Cool! Out of interest, how did you try to paint the glowing runes?

    • Cheers.

      For the runes, I started out with dark green in the recessed bit and tried to have it ‘spill out’ as light green onto the surrounding part of the stone. Then I put some green ink in to tie the dark and light paints together. To be honest, I think with a bit more work it could have been OK but I wasn’t satisfied with the way it looked at the time. Also, it’s not the most exciting sculpt to paint which probably put me off spending more effort.

      • Fair play, that’s not a bad way to do it. I’ve had some success with washing some white into the recesses, and then hitting it with a green glaze (with some overspill) but had mixed results :-/

  2. Nice 👍🏼

  3. I dunno about boring – he looks like he’s channelling Charlton Heston as Moses!

    • Haha, you’re probably right. I guess I meant that he’s not very dynamic. Just a big block of robes, stones and stone-faced dourness!

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