Painted Druze Shock Team with Chain Colt

So here, finally, is the last of my current batch of miniatures for my Druze Bayram Security force in Infinity. This is yet another Druze Shock Team and is toting a Chain Colt. In game terms, all Druze Shock Team profiles carry this as a side arm so I suppose that the idea is that this miniature can represent any equipment load-out.

I very much like the no-nonsense posing of this particular Druze Shock Team. Infinity has a lot of miniatures with rather outlandish poses and while I do certainly enjoy a dynamic miniature it is quite nice to have a rather more solid looking option on the table. The paint scheme, of course, is the same as the rest of this force.

Being the last Infinity miniature in the queue, I plan to take a family photo in the next few days and share the whole team at once.

Next on the painting table: Runebearer.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Druze Shock Team with Chain Colt

  1. Another very nice figure mate but I’ve lost count of how many you’ve done now so I reckon we must be due a group photo soon šŸ˜Š.

    • Thank you! And indeed you are right, the next picture post will be a family photo for my Druze Bayram Security (though I have a couple of battle reports that might get posted first).

  2. Nicely done mate, and a nicely posed mini too – looking forward to the group shot!

    • Thanks! I quite liked the posing of this miniature, though it does really accentuate the colossal handgun he’s toting. Good job it fires magic-future-bullets (or something like that) or he’d have a hell of a job dealing with the recoil!

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