Painted Blood Stalkers

Here are a unit of Blood Stalkers for my nascent Daughters of Khaine force in Age of Sigmar. In game I’ve found them a little disappointing as they’re quite expensive for a very low number of not-very-exciting bow shots, and their melee presence has never been able to make up for this. My experience so far can be summarised that they move up, shoot a couple of arrows into something, then immediately get overrun. As usual, I think that this is likely to be player error; notably Blood Stalkers have great movement speed so probably I should make more of that.

I really love the miniatures though, so I can forgive their performance on the tabletop. They call out to the Ray Harryhausen fan in me, who has not really grown up since watching Jason and the Argonauts etc in the mid 80s. I had all sorts of ideas for varying the skin tone of the snake part, but realised that if I wanted them to look like a unit then I’d need to have something more to visually link them together than just the hair (and fairly skimpy armour). So in the end I painted a nice bright green and cream combination for the snake part and tried to match the general approach of the Witch Aelves for the rest of the miniature. I’m very pleased with the final results.

I dedicate this post to Alex from Leadballoony‘s Fembruary Challenge.

Next on the painting table: Druze Shock Team with Chain Colt.

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12 thoughts on “Painted Blood Stalkers

  1. Excellent mate, I love the green! From your comment on my post, I gather that you don’t like the snakey masks… any chance I could take them off your hands?

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    That is a nice looking unit. Your description of the unit reminds me of the High Elf Dragon Princes. I always loved the models and the potential that they had, but they were really expensive to use and I was never able to make the most of them.

    • Thanks! This must be tempting you back into miniature wargaming with various flavours of Elf.

      I’m pretty sure that the problem with the Blood Stalkers is me and not them, but anyway I was happy with the painting process so it probably doesn’t matter how they perform on the tabletop.

      • Flames of the Phoenix

        Elves have always held a special place in my heart. I do miss my Warhammer High Elves from time to time, but I really was terrible at the game, so that helps me stay out of it a bit. At least it was fun, even when not playing well!

        • Haha, if I stopped playing games because I was terrible at them I’d never play a single one! It’s all about the fun and social side.

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  5. I missed these somehow at the time, but they look very nice. I like the skin variation amongst them as well. Now for a side-by side alongside their red sisters, ot perhaps a army-in-progress shot?

    • Thanks, you’re so diligent at keeping up on your reading!

      I like to vary the skin tone to a reasonable degree mainly to keep units looking as diverse as possible. In the specific case of the Blood Stalkers, I considered mixing up the colours of the snake bits and the Elf bits, but eventually decided that this would just make them look like they weren’t a cohesive unit at all. So in the end I decided that the snake bit could be consistent (like wearing a uniform or something) and the Elf bit could be used for variety.

      I’m somewhat close to finishing all the Daughters of Khaine that I own so my plan is to take the photo once they’re all painted.

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