Painted Troll Bouncer

This burly chap is a Troll Bouncer; regular readers (if there are any) will recognise him as a part of my Trollbloods force for Hordes. He is a light Warbeast, which for some reason I just find less interesting than their heavy counterparts, and since I’m less keen to play them, I’m also less likely to paint them. In the case of the Bouncer, he makes a pretty handy bodyguard and I can certainly see cases where I’d want one in my army. On the other hand, in this role he rather overlaps the same job as the Warders; there are of course advantages and disadvantages to either approach.

I took a fairly simple approach to painting the Bouncer. I think that in the story Trolls (as opposed to Trollkin) are not much more intelligent than tool-using animals so I wanted to represent this by keeping to plain colours on the clothes. I figure that the Trollkin wouldn’t waste fancy bright-coloured dye on the functional armour they use for the Trolls. Visually, the counterpoint to this is the bright blue skin so it still meets my personal requirements for looking OK on the tabletop.

It took a while for me to get started on the Bouncer as it is covered in belts and different bits of cloth and armour and generally coated in bling; somehow it felt almost intimidating to start considering my lack of enthusiasm for the project. Indeed the Bouncer sat partially painted on my table, along with an Axer and an Impaler, for almost a year before Azazel’s painting challenge prompted me to get them finished up. As a result, I dedicate this post to Azazel’s Neglected Models February Challenge; thanks as always to Azazel for being the impetus for so much blogging.

Next on the painting table: Brimstone Horrors

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8 thoughts on “Painted Troll Bouncer

  1. Probably more regular readers lurking out there than you think:-). Looking good, seems high time you did an army photo to remind us how many troll kin you have!!!

    • Thanks! I will probably wait until I get round to painting Jarl Skuld as the leader of the army, then do a family photo – it’s a good idea.

  2. That shield is outrageously big! I second the army shot 😀

    • Haha, yes. It does have the Shield Guard rule so I guess it is somewhat fitting to have a ludicrously sized shield. Perhaps he could pair up with Cloud from Final Fantasy to have one complete set of out-size equipment!

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  4. Great work on this guy – he looks suitably brutal!

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