Painted Witch Aelves

Here are some Witch Aelves, the start of a burgeoning force of Daughters of Khaine for GW’s Age of Sigmar game. Appetite for Age of Sigmar seems to wax and wane somewhat at Chateau Argentbadger and I’ve actually ended up giving away the Slaanesh Daemons I had painted to a friend. So when excitement started to build again I treated myself to a couple of boxes of Daughters as they have extremely nice miniatures. Regular readers, if there are any, will know that I’m a sucker for a dynamic sculpt so an army of dancers seems like an easy sell to me. In game these are the basic troops available to the faction. With no ranged weapons there’s not much choice but to throw them right down the other side’s throat at the first opportunity. This suits my preferences nicely and has been fairly effective in a couple of games. The Witch Aelves are all attack and no defense (fittingly, considering that their choice of armour is that fantasy staple: the chainmail bikini) and I’ve lost the whole unit a few times simply by allowing the other unit to attack them before I could get my swings in.

These first three are the command group. I have to admit that it’s not super-clear who is meant to be the champion but we finally worked out that it is the Witch Aelf shown here in the centre on the basis that she has the biggest hat and the fanciest knives.  The lighting is showing the skin up as a bit shinier than it really is but I’ll put that down to bad photography rather than bad painting.  The white hair is part of my ‘vision’ for the force – how I imagined them looking even when I was buying the kits.

The light blue brings a nice bit of colour to the unit along with the bright white hair.  I thought about doing the gloves and leggings the same colour but decided it would be too bright.  If this army lasts long enough in my attention to require a second unit I’ll probably go with red cloth to differentiate between them.

I feel that the bronze armour gives a bit more contrast with the skin than my other choice which would have been the steel colour of the knives.

Finally, the unit all together.

Next on the painting table: Troll Whelps (again).

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12 thoughts on “Painted Witch Aelves

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

    Ahh, it seems that you have joined the “dark side” so to speak. I would give you half credit for picking Wood Elves, but no credit for Dark Elves. Only kidding, of course. They look good. Any plans of adding a dragon to the mix or maybe a Dark Pegasus? I am not even sure anymore what units are in Age of Sigmar.

    • Great to hear from you again! The factions from WHFB are mostly very splintered in Age Of Sigmar. So for example this faction is pretty much just the Witch Elf things (plus a few new kits to pad out the range). Other parts such as Executioners, Cold One Knights and so on get their own tiny mini-factions. There doesn’t seem to be any clear rhyme or reason for how they got broken up; for example there is now a Firebelly subfaction that includes only the Ogre wizard of that name. Perhaps GW have some kind of intention to fill out all of these subfactions in the fullness of time.

      In terms of my plans for this force, I have a couple of sets of snake-people, two heroes and a big chariot kind of thing that is essentially a giant wheeled bath filled with blood. Once I’ve painted that lot I’ll reassess how keen we are on Age of Sigmar and decide whether to expand or not.

      Have you been getting any gaming in? I very much enjoyed reading your blog back in the days when you updated it.

      • Flames of the Phoenix

        That is odd how they separated things. I thought that the Executoners were also part of the Khainite cult, but my Warhammer history is probably a little rusty at this point. I am sure that they have some master plan.

        As far as my blog… thanks for the kind words. I have been thinking about potentially starting it up again. I have mostly been playing lots of board games since I stopped posting and I finished selling off all of my High Elf stuff this past year. However, I still have a sizeable collection of Lord of the Rings miniatures around my place and seeing that GW has revamped the ruleset, I have thought about picking those up. I have a plan in my mind about going through that system with my oldest son, but it will take some time and planning. Maybe by 2020, I will be ready. In the meantime, I have thought about writing about some board games that I have been playing and eventually incorporating that LotR stuff into it. We shall see!

        You have been a hobby hero this whole time, still going strong!

  2. Very nice – good call on the white hair!

  3. The dynamic sculpts certainly make them individually and collectively very eye catching. Nice. 😊

    • Thanks. The only trouble with the sculpts is that they tend to be a bit top heavy so they fall over at slightest hint of a slope on the gaming table.

  4. I like that you varied the skin tone on them. It’s really unique and gives great variation.

    • Thank you. It makes the painting a bit more interesting and has the nice side effect of not looking like I’m fielding armies made up entirely of siblings!

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