Painted Troll Whelps part 1

Here are a set of Troll Whelps to go in (surprise, surprise) my Hordes Trollbloods army. They’re a bit odd, both in terms of fluff and rules. Ruleswise, Whelps are considered Solos even though they can only be taken in sets of five. They rarely start on the table and don’t have any attacks. Instead, Whelps can be ‘shed’ by Warbeasts when they take damage and then eaten later to either heal damage or remove excess Fury. In terms of how this relates to the story, I have no idea. Presumably Whelps don’t literally fall out of damaged Trolls so I assume that they’re meant to ride them in nooks and crannies about their person. I’m also not really sure why the Whelps randomly have overgrown parts of their anatomy, for example the one with the giant finger.

I kept it simple with the painting, as befits the cheapest miniatures in the entire army. The Whelps are quite amusing to paint and have the same kind of silly vibe as GW’s Goblin ranges. I have another set of Whelps to get through so I decided to do one group with light blue skin and the next lot with dark blue. I can’t see me actually needing ten Whelps in any game, but it’s nice to have the option.

Next on the painting table: Stone Scribe Elder.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Troll Whelps part 1

  1. They’re great mate! Some lovely little characters 🙂

  2. I see what you mean they do have the cheeky goblin/snotling vibe. The rules sound interesting too. Are they an upgrade you have to pay for for your trolls to get them or do they come with them as standard? (I’m probably giving away how little I know about the game).

    • Cheers! They have to be bought for the army, though the Theme List thing for Trollbloods means that, at least in my case, they are usually the ‘free’ bonus option for having a certain number of Warbeasts. I think that one of the biggest Warbeasts, the mighty Mountain King can also spawn Whelps without paying for them, but I don’t own one of them and haven’t played with them either.

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