Painted Satyxis Blood Priestess

Here is the Satyxis Blood Priestess, a caster attachment for my Warmachine Cryx army. She gives allows your Warcaster to upkeep one spell for free which is quite handy for the Witch Coven – I always seem to be short of Focus for them, despite having literally the highest Focus stat in the entire game. Her main draw is on the sword though, as it has a variety of effects beyond the obvious. Notably, she can dispel ongoing effects on units, which can be quite useful to remove some of the more crippling spells from your own units (admittedly at the cost of stabbing one of them in the back).

The miniature is quite nice, if predictably cheesecake-y; it seems de rigeur for ladies in these games to go about with only a bikini top on. Presumably the Scharde Islands are really warm, and that hat is intended to keep the sun off and not to keep the Blood Priestess’s ears from getting cold. Anyway, I stuck with the black and pink theme that I used for the Warjacks and was rather pleased with the outcome. The skin tone worked out well on the body and arms but I couldn’t seem to get it to look right on her face. I stopped painting eyes on miniatures of this size long ago as they don’t really show up at tabletop distance, though their absence is rather strange looking in these blown-up photos.

Next on the painting table: Troll Whelps.

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12 thoughts on “Painted Satyxis Blood Priestess

  1. Nice one, AB! Yea, that black/pink color scheme is working great. I go back and forth on eyes. If they covered in a helm and impossible to reach, I’ll skip for sure. Otherwise I keep plugging away at them. When they turn out well, it’s really nice. And when they are screwed up, ugh.

    • Thanks. I used to assiduously paint pupils on each miniature, then moved to just doing the white part and finally realised that the eyes are not easily seen at tabletop range and stopped doing them entirely (at least on 28mm scale humans). Perhaps this is indicative of my own failing eyesight rather than anything to do with the miniatures!

  2. Loving the black & pink mate

  3. I like this model and the colours really work well on it. You are really getting through these. I feel another group shot coming on😀

    • Thank you! I could do a picture of the Battlegroup (the Warmachine-specific term for the Warcaster, any Warjacks and some hangers-on) but I’ve got quite a lot more painting ahead of me before I can say that the army is complete.

      • She looks great – the pink and black really works, even on the smaller human(oid) figures. Group shots of even unfinished forces are usually a nice record of progress – I say do it!

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  5. Ann

    Nice miniature. All I can say is I wish I had abs and horns that good! 🙂

    • Thanks! My horns are sadly lacking, and the less said about my abs the better…

      • Ann

        Hehe … you just need to dedicate yourself more deeply to Slaanesh, but in the right way and you’ll see results (of some sort) in no time!

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