Painted Fennblade Officer and Drummer

This pair are the Fennblade Officer and Drummer to accompany (surprisingly enough) the Trollkin Fennblades for my Hordes Trollbloods army. As with most Command Attachments, both models provide a benefit to the unit. The Officer, in addition to being a slightly more effective fighter, grants a conditional second attack action. The Drummer allows the unit to move again once they finish their activation; this is quite handy as it allows the Fennblades to charge in, hopefully kill a few things, then jam in even harder and generally get in the way until the main bulk of my army has a chance to catch-up.

I tried my best to keep the colour scheme for the Officer and Drummer as similar as possible to the Fennblades, which made a lot of the choices rather simple.   Most notably I seem to have lost the red paint I was using at the time so the cloth is a little darker than the rest of the unit.  My style has hopefully become a little cleaner and I’ve stopped painting eyes on small infantry so they’re not exactly the same as the rest of the unit anyway but I think that they’ll be OK at tabletop range.

I dedicate this post to Azazel’s Neglected Model September Challenge. The main Fennblade unit was painted back in 2013 and while I don’t think I purchased the Officer and Drummer at the same time they’ve certainly been waiting a while for their chance to make it onto the painting table.

Here is the full unit now; twelve Trollkin strong.

Next on the painting table: Bashi Bazouk.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Fennblade Officer and Drummer

  1. Nice and clean paint job!

  2. Very good mate, a great little army and very nicely painted.

    • Thanks. I do like the look of a coherently painted army. It is one of the drawbacks of Malifaux in some ways: all the miniatures are individuals. In that regard, Hordes has a much better ‘whole army’ look.

  3. Great stuff here. The group shot really shows off that great looking coherency across the entire collection.

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