Painted Witch Coven of Garlghast and Egregore

These are the Witch Coven of Garlghast and Egregore, part of the Cryx faction for Warmachine. They’re Warcasters (i.e. the leaders of your army) but since there are three Witches in addition to the Egregore they break loads of the basic rules of the game. Not least is that in Warmachine a caster kill is an immediate defeat so having three Witches makes it a bit harder to suffer this (though in fairness, they are individually pitifully easy to kill so I guess it works out well-balanced). I’m not familiar with the Warmachine stories so I have to admit to having no idea who the Witches are, where/what Garlghast is, nor why they are being followed around by a big spiky ball. I suppose that they must have some kind of flair for stealth though, since most of their spells involve hiding your own forces or turning various things into ghosts so that they can run through terrain or other models. Overall I have found them highly amusing to play though I probably should have followed the general advice I received when picking them up – don’t use them to learn the game.

I very much like the models, even considering the rather silly cheesecake poses, and had a terrific time painting them. I went for pink armour and white cloth because I consider it entertaining to have these people from the baddie faction dressed accordingly. The skin tone is darker to get nicer contrast with the white hoods in particular. As for Egregore, I decided eventually to keep things simple and did it black with highlights in matching pink to link it with the Witches. I did consider giving it some brass banding but an early test didn’t look too good so I went back to black all over.

The Witches have names, although in game terms they are all identical. In case you’re wondering which Witch is which, you can tell them apart by the number of hand on their (somewhat comical) weapons:
No hands on dagger: Helleana
One hand on dagger: Selene
Both hands on dagger: Morgaen

Next on the painting table: Valerya Gromoz.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Witch Coven of Garlghast and Egregore

  1. Haha, I was immediately going to ask what the big ball does, but sounds like you might not know yet. Love the pink on these, you’ve really got that color down pat!

    • Thanks, I really love to paint pink miniatures so I should have had plenty of practice by now.

      In game terms, the Egregore is the part that actually cast the spells, so all the ranges are determined from it and not the Witch currently being activated. I can go into more detail but eventually I’d have to explain the core Warmachine rules which is probably not of great interest. I suppose that implies that the Egregore is the real power and it is actually being followed by the Witches…

      • Ah, that’s pretty interesting. Wonder if it has to stay in line of sight of the Witches? Sounds kind of like a drone of sorts.

        • The Egregore has to stay within its Control Range (18″ in this case) of the Witches (or more accurately, they have to stay that close to the Egregore) if they want to do stuff. There is a bonus to hit with spells if the bases of the three Witches form a triangle that completely encloses the Egregore too.

          The Witch Coven is a really interesting way to play Warmachine and I’ve enjoyed using them a lot. Most of my games come down to either turning one of my big robots into a ghost then sending it to walk through a defensive line and kill the other Warcaster, or getting the Witches killed off one by one until I can’t mount a defense of the last one. Either way has been fun and instructive.

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