Painted Datsue Ba

This is Datsue Ba, another part of my Malifaux Resurrectionist crews. Like many I’ve painted recently, Datsue Ba has the Spirit keyword giving her some nice synergy with both Molly (when taking the Forgotten Path upgrade) and Kirai. I’ve mainly used her as a bully of opposing scheme runners as she can get additional free attacks on a trigger to her melee option and more amusingly can summon ghosts from those she kills with her spells. Picking the right target at the right time can give a very useful attrition swing as the other crew loses a member while I gain one. Datsue Ba has few wounds but is often inefficient to attack considering that she is both Terrifying and Incorporeal; she certainly doesn’t want to be in the thick of the action but seems to work best floating on the edges of an engagement picking off the weak stragglers and turning them into my own Onryo and Gaki.

I chose to make Datsue Ba’s skin look ghostly rather than rotting and in retrospect I should have chosen a different colour for her dress as there is too much green in the end. I realised after I finished the paintwork that she looks like Yamaziko has died and become a vengeful spirit. Overall not the most inspiring miniature I’ve worked on but I’m really glad to get her out of the queue and into the crew (not that I have any qualms about playing with unpainted miniatures).

I think that Datsue Ba is based on some actual Japanese folklore, but I’ve never yet had a satisfactory explanation of why she has an octopus on her lantern.

Next on the painting table: Witch Coven of Garlghast and the Egregore.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Datsue Ba

  1. Actually the double-green works well, I think. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that more Analogous colour schemes can work really nicely, even for entire models with nothing being high-contrast/Complimentary. It certainly helps to make her look more ethereal.

    • Thanks. You’re probably right about the contrast, my first thought is always about how the minis will look at tabletop range where subtle transitions and complementary colours are harder to spot.

  2. That’s some really nice green in the robe. Yea, that octopus is a head scratcher. Wonder if it’s ornamentation or just a pet?

    • Thank you.

      The Malifaux range does occasionally just have some outright odd stuff going on (an iconic model is literally a giant death-Teddy that just wants hugs) so I’m not sure if the octopus is simply for a bit of fun or if it’s a clever reference that I just don’t get. The real question, as someone else pointed out to me, is whether the octopus is a ghost or not?

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