Painted Druze Shock Team with Combi Rifle and DEP (second sculpt)

Here is a second sculpt for a Druze Shock Team carrying a Combi Rifle and DEP in Infinity. I’m not sure why this particular loadout needed two different sculpts but perhaps this was just an opportunity for the team to stretch their creativity. At least this one is visibly carrying the DEP, which I assume is that tube over the shoulder.

I enjoyed painting this Druze as it seems quite a realistic pose compared to some I’ve seen of people firing giant death cannons one-handed etc. I’ve got a few other parts of the Druze Bayram Security in the queue so probably I’ll set up a family photo once they’re all done.

Next on the painting table: Harlequin Skyweavers.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Druze Shock Team with Combi Rifle and DEP (second sculpt)

  1. Another nice figure. Harlequin Skyweavers sound like an interesting painting challange, will look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Pose wise, he’s better than the running heavy cannon Necromunda Van Saar. That seemed ridiculous to me, and I immediately set out to fix it. This one doesn’t seem to be in a firing pose, somewhat of a resting position. I don’t think I would have twisted the torso so much, if I was the sculptor (and erm, had any sort of sculpting skills). Harlequins, next?! Cool!

    • I can live with the ‘resting position’ and it’s actually quite a nice counterpoint to the over-the-top dance moves of the Harlequins (most notably the ones on foot; Skyweavers are a bit less silly).

      I am also not blessed with sculpting skills but luckily there is a wealth of great miniatures available to us at the moment so it’s easy to pick the nice ones to paint.

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