Painted Goryo

These are a pair of Goryo for my Malifaux Resurrectionists. I was partly drawn to the idea of playing Resurrectionists because of how cool these miniatures are, and the fact that I can play them with Molly to give them Black Blood really sealed the decision. They’re remarkably fast, have a good (0) action that never does what I need but always draws a card from the other player and can make opponents Slow with a trigger on their sword attacks. Perhaps more importantly for Molly, they are summonable and come on the largest base size. Since Molly’s summoning is affected by how many enemy models are it on arrival, this is really useful and is frequently the reason that I would summon them rather than Shikome at the same cost. Once summoned, I don’t really do anything clever with the Goryo, just stand next to something and stab it repeatedly, and hope to splash Black Blood around if anyone dares to attack back.

Assembling the Goryo was extremely frustrating as the main body doesn’t line up very well with all the attached ghosts, and they’re all twisted round each other (and the sword arms) to make the tiny contact points tricky to reach. Once complete, the painting was similarly awkward as I had to work around the ghosts to get to the kimono underneath and I spent a lot of time re-painting sections that my clumsy hands had marked. Once I got to the end of the process it felt all worthwhile and I remembered why I’d bought the miniatures in the first place.

Next on the painting table: Druze Shock Team with combi-rifle and DEP

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7 thoughts on “Painted Goryo

  1. I agree with you, these do look cool.

    • Notwithstanding that they’re good for Malifaux, I think that they could be quite interesting for use as baddies in a samurai-themed RPG. Or as minions in a superhero game for a baddy with that kind of style.

  2. Yeah, cool models but quite trippy and weird – slightly disturbing – at the same time.

  3. They are great miniatures. They’ve been painted up really well too.

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