Painted Anna Lovelace

Here’s Anna Lovelace, sister of Hannah (who is never given a surname that I’ve seen). She’s part of the Resurrectionist faction for Malifaux, but as a Mercenary she can show up with anyone. I really love to use Anna in my crews; she provides three main benefits. Firstly, she has Rush of Magic. It’s not a big deal but in a game of cards having a bit of extra deck cycling is pretty nice. Secondly, she has a really good ranged attack; it has minimum damage of 3 and doesn’t randomise into combat. Considering that my normal play in Molly crews (where Anna shows up most for me) is to ram my entire crew down the other crew’s throat as fast as possible, not randomising into melee is huge. Finally, she has abilities that stop enemy models pushing or placing near her. This might seem small but the number of crews now with little pushes to get in or out of combat or something is quite large and making them play around this can lead to interesting effects.

As Anna is thematically a Freikorps model, I painted her according to my others. So primarily grey armour (clockwork dress in Anna’s case, which sounds rather uncomfortable) with pink for contrast. She was a quick, easy paint job and I think she looks quite fine.

Next on the painting table: Shieldbearers

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16 thoughts on “Painted Anna Lovelace

  1. Nice. I rlove ally want to get this model

  2. Cool man – that is some outfit!

    • Thanks. I imagine that a Clockwork Dress would be rather uncomfortable, but it seems that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages!

  3. Nice pink and grey color scheme!

    • Thanks. I believe that I stole the colour scheme (for the Freikorps as a whole) off someone I saw on the Wyrd forums years ago. Unfortunately, I can’t recall who it was.

  4. Ann

    Haha, she certainly is different. I like the pink.

    • Thanks, I really love painting pink.

      It occurred to me when I read your comment that probably she’d make quite a good NPC in a steampunk setting RPG, especially if one removed the little blade on her left arm.

      • Ann

        I agree, she’d fit in nicely in a steampunk setting. Those glasses alone mark her as a worthy villain type. 🙂

  5. That’s pretty cool – and also pretty weird looking. I hope she has armour on her torso under that pink dress, though!

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  7. Alexis West

    Nice! The shades kind of remind me of Kate Bishop in some of her appearances as Hawkeye. The dress does look uncomfortable, but I assume it has some cool capabilities as well, or is at least decent armour.

    • Thanks! I hadn’t been aware of that part of the Marvel comic universe so I was spent a while reading up on Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. The dress has in-game rules related to it which effectively stop enemies teleporting near her (this is a surprisingly common occurrence in Malifaux) in addition to providing actual armour.

      • Alexis West

        I first found out about her through Marvel Puzzle Quest, myself. Then someone convinced me to check out Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye from a few years back (’12-’15-ish), and that’s got both her and Clint, and is pretty awesome.

        An anti-teleportation dress does sound pretty cool!

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