Painted Daemonettes

Following from the Seekers I posted last time, here are the accompanying Daemonettes from Games Workshop’s Chaos Daemons range. Like the Seekers, the miniatures went together very easily and painted up nicely without too much effort.

I deliberately chose garish colours since that was part of the fluff for Slaaneshi units back when I last actually read any of it (i.e. in Slaves To Darkness) and found it a nice change from trying at least slightly naturalistic colour choices for some of the Malifaux I’ve worked on (though admittedly some of that stuff is also somewhat bright). In the end, despite how easily they painted up I did find it a bit of a chore completing ten almost identical miniatures; I guess that this means that I shouldn’t go too deeply into any horde armies for any systems. Indeed, this is one of many appeals of skirmish systems.

Next on the painting table: Philip and the Nanny.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Daemonettes

  1. I tried to get back into painting GW 40K, but the idea of painting the same “guy” over and over, just isn’t as appealing as it was 10 years ago; so no new edition 40K for me. I have found Malifaux, and I like the game mechanics much more so than GW, and painting individuals seems much more enjoyable! Now just to find some regular players and get that first box set up and ready to run!
    Nice color selection!

  2. Thank you for your kind words.

    I certainly prefer Malifaux over pretty much any other game system; indeed I can hardly think of anything about that I don’t like until we get down to the ‘churlish’ level of complaints. It helps that we have a fairly active community in Scotland specifically and the UK in general so there are a lot of opportunities to face off against a nice variety of other players. In my case, the Warhammer 40,000 is in order to play with my son and any of his friends that he can convince to join in.

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