Painted Orc Blitzers

Finally, here are the last positionals for my Orc Blood Bowl team, the Blitzers. Like the Blockers, these can be taken up to four per team and to be honest four of them would be the first entry for every team I make if possible. They’re just better (and more expensive of course) than Linemen in any way that matters.

Next on the painting table: Seekers.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Orc Blitzers

  1. Whats a Seeker?

  2. Nice wrap up for your team! I really, really need to make myself an Orc team someday soon. There are so many player options, that the team can just about fit any style of play.

    • Thanks. I very much enjoy the Orcs. They can play enough ball to move through the really bashy teams (like Chaos) or can switch to more fighting if they come up against a Elf style team. They’re among my favourites, though I think Necromantic and Underworld are my overall preferences.

      • I like Undead (“Shambling”), for the same reason, strong but can play ball against Chaos/Nurgle.

        I have yet to figure out Underworld. Interesting team, but I was annihilated both times I played them.

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