Painted Black Orc Blockers

These nice chaps are Black Orc Blockers for Blood Bowl. In honour of their name I used a darker green for their skin tone; I’m not completely happy with the way it ended up but maybe I needed to do an intermediate highlight or something on it. If I was actually playing Blood Bowl properly I’d probably aim to start with the full four of the Black Orc Blockers since their high strength is so useful. They’re terrible at actually going anywhere or doing anything with the ball though.

Next on the painting table: Orc Blitzers.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Black Orc Blockers

  1. Beautifully painted armour on these guys, I really like how you did the purple!
    I am very curious about the Metal you painted on the stab weapon they have on their right fist, how did you paint that? 🙂

    • Thanks, you are very kind.

      The metal is simple (like everything I do): black, then with a silver drybrush over the top.

      • I’m going to try it out, the highlight edges are really a thing of beauty. I have a Fleshy on the table right now and he will be my pratice subject 🙂

  2. Very menacing looking brutes. Gotta love the BOBs on the Orc team! Where did the decals come from?

    • The decals actually come in the box from GW so no need to source them separately. Thanks for commenting!

      • Oh, man! I haven’t looked too closely at the decals.
        In the past I just tossed them aside. I plan on using this time around though.

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