Painted Orc Throwers

Following on my usual slow style, here are the Throwers for my Blood Bowl Orcs. There isn’t too much more to say about them than the Linemen, so I’ll let these pictures speak one thousand words each on my behalf (mostly they’re saying ‘you should spend longer getting good at painting, you slacker’).

Next on the painting table: Black Orc Blockers

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5 thoughts on “Painted Orc Throwers

  1. Ann

    Are orks good at throwing in BB, because those two sure look like they think they are! 🙂

    • They’re about as good as Human throwers, and a bit less good than Elf throwers. If I was making a team I doubt I’d actually take two, even such good looking players as these.

  2. Nice work, the skin looks like it needs a little more contrast. But hey, you got some good looking models to play with! I still have my headless team of Dwarves in varying state of disarray. Some year, some year…

    • Thanks very much! You’re probably right about the skin; I have to admit that by the time I got to the skin on these throwers I was looking forward to the end of the project and I got a bit lazy.

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