Painted Doppelganger

This is the Doppelganger for my Malifaux Neverborn crews. She has a number of useful toolbox abilities such as Ill Omens allowing one to cheat initiative and particularly the always-valuable Don’t Mind Me to enable interactions even when engaged. Her basic attacks are terrible but she can copy the attacks of nearby models so depending on what is nearby she can sometimes turn out to have something impressive like Nekima’s sword hidden under her sheet. Reading the forums one might think that the Doppelganger should be the first option taken in all crews and that Ill Omens is so powerful as to overshadow other options. I certainly like to play the Doppelganger in some crews but generally find that in few cases would the cost of a high card be worth it to cheat and win initiative; I prefer to set up so that I can play my turns whether I win or lose the flip.

The Doppelganger is a really nice sculpt and I like the story it tells with the skin and exposed muscle as if it is half-way through a change of forms. I used red ink (rather than wash) to give a shiny wet look to the muscles.

Next on the painting table: Gupps

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6 thoughts on “Painted Doppelganger

  1. I like the red a lot, rather than the model being sexualised, that plus the eyes gives it a underlying horrifying aspect.

  2. Aha, nice use of inks! I was looking through my paints the other day and there were several bottles of ink that I’ve never really used. I tried them once and never figured them out, but ‘shiny, wet look’, got it!

    • And forgot to add, that’s a really nice model too. I don’t know that I’ve seen many Doppelgängers models, but that’s a cool one.

      • Thanks! I really like the way that this sculpt tells a story even without any movement. It’s from Wyrd miniatures in case you’re interested.

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