Painted Kade

Here is Kade (formerly known as Baby Kade for obvious reasons) for the Malifaux Neverborn faction. Kade is the ultimate ‘glass cannon’ in that he can hit ridiculously hard with that knife, reaching minimum damage 5 in some cases, but has few wounds or defences. He’s pretty fast considering his short legs and seems to principally have two roles. Firstly, to go in and shank something that the other crew would rather didn’t die, then take a few resources to be killed in return. Alternatively, to use his Pounce ability to have things pushed into him and stab them without even needing to activate. Actually I have very little experience with Kade, not because I think he’s bad but rather because there always seems to be something else that I’d put in the crew first.

Painting Kade was very simple as he is mostly bare skin (and not much of that really) plus a nappy and a knife. He got to the front of the painting queue on the grounds that he represents something of a ‘low-hanging fruit’ for me to move from the ‘to be painted’ pile.  That’s a 30mm base, in case you’re interested in scale.

Next on the painting table: Wicked Dolls.

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3 thoughts on “Painted Kade

  1. Is neverborn your preferred faction at the moment, or just the one on the painting table? I’ve not gotten round to try malifaux as yet (which is poor as bought the 2e book at least a year ago) and my favoured models all seem to be those with large swords (Lilith, lady justice and the girl with the doppelgänger whose name escapes me at present). I’d love to hear your advice on a good starting faction or thoughts on the play style differences (I could be showing my ignorance here).

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m mainly playing Neverborn at the moment, and am just slowly painting my way through what I have; I certainly have no problems playing with unpainted miniatures. In general I seem to want to change factions about once per year which keeps things fresh for me.

      In Malifaux my opinion the factions are all balanced well enough that your initial choice can be largely aesthetic. I’ve got battle reports on this blog with Lady Justice, Lilith and Viktoria (the one with a Doppelgänger that you mentioned) and would consider any of them as fine for starting out. I would pick up a crew box that you like and pit it against a friend. Be aware that the crew boxes aren’t all the same value so you might have a mis-match unless you also total up the cost for each and check it first (in particular Kirai has a really small starter box as most of the contents are things that can only be summoned). It seems from your blog that you have plenty of experience with wargaming, so I would suggest to play a couple of small games to get to grips with the basic mechanics of the game, then move as quickly as possible to full 50 soulstone games with schemes. The reason for the game size is that this is where the best balance exists (lower game sizes favour summoners quite highly) and where you can feel the interesting interplay of resources like cards, AP, wounds and soulstones. The reason to add the schemes is that this is one area where Malifaux differs from other wargames; the purpose is not (always) to kill the other crew, but rather to achieve some other objective.

      There has been plenty written about playstyle differences between the factions (check the Malifaux forums for this) but in general I think that you can accomodate most major playstyles in any faction. The differences are quite fine in terms of how pieces interact to achieve your goals, and while the actual game play feels different in each faction, the overall ability to get things done is quite comparable.

      There is a starter box in existence which I’m told has some introductory games set out in a way that helps to learn the rules. But I have no direct experience of this.

      I hope that this helps. I’d be happy to answer any more specific questions too.

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