Painted Guilty

Here are the three Guilty for my Malifaux Outcasts. They are thematically linked with Jack Daw (more on him later) as they share the Tormented keyword. This allows them to be pushed around by Jack Daw when they’re near him, and also allows him to copy their actions. They are quite effective cheap scheme runners, but I find that they compete too much with Freikorpsmen if I’m not using Jack Daw. They have an action which allows other pieces to gain the Tormented characteristic so I usually take at least one with Jack Daw to allow me to spread that around my non-Tormented pieces. Taelor, Johan and Rusty Alyce particularly love to be Tormented near Jack Daw; the first two so that they can mitigate their painful slowness and the last so she can push into place for a cheeky Rapid Fire at a miniature that felt safe.

I really liked to paint these three chaps as they have such character. In retrospect I think that I might have been best to paint them partly assembled due to the number of undercuts caused by the strapping on the bed guy and the whole chair of the seated guy. Often when painting sets like this I try to tie them together somehow but the Guilty are all so completely different that I just treated them as individuals and went wild. I assume that these are mostly intended to be based on the ghosts in the courtroom from Ghostbusters (2?). It does look silly that they are strolling about the Malifaux battlefield with all this furniture attached to them, but there is so much silliness in Malifaux that this isn’t really the thing that would break my suspension of disbelief.


I was trying to get the sheets here to look like surgical drapes by painting them white and colouring them only with green washes, but it didn’t work out quite the way I hoped. Still, I was happy enough with the end results… and anyway didn’t fancy going back to mess with painting around the strapping again to be interested in revisiting the paint.





The pajamas on Mr Electric Chair were a similar unsuccessful attempt at simulating surgical gowns. I chose pink for the electric sparks simply because that was the only way I could think to get the colour onto this model. The cross guy was the easiest to paint as he isn’t full of annoying undercuts, but also my least favourite now that he is painted; I’m just not satisfied with my colour choices. Still, I’m not likely to need three in a single crew.





Next on the painting table: Hodgepodge Effigy.

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