Painted Brutal Effigy

Here is the Brutal Effigy, symbol of the Guild for Malifaux. It’s a wonderful piece in the game, and could reasonably claim to fit into any crew. Even if it had no actions it is cheap, somewhat fast and quite durable, therefore making it a pretty good scheme runner. It does have fairly rubbish gun (though that can be handy from time to time) but most importantly can turbo-charge the crew’s master to heal when they do damage and draw cards when they kill enemies. In particular with Sonnia, this ability is amazing as she tends to splash damage over a wide number of enemies and is also very easy to hurt. In short, I would consider taking one of these in most Guild crews as it offers something for almost every occasion and is disproportionately tricky to dispatch.

I chose to paint this Brutal Effigy very simply, as befitting its status as a doll. There is no particular adornment, just red coat, brown clothes and brown coffin. I absolutely love the pose of the little chap with one hand on his pistol and the other pulling down the brim of his hat, doubtless to keep the High Noon sun out of his eyes.



Next on the painting table: the Guilty.

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