Painted Tara, Herald of Obliteration

Here is Tara, Herald of Obliteration. She is the first master I’ve painted up for my Outcast crews in Malifaux (though like her totem, Karina, she is also dual-faction to Resurrectionists). Tara is a mistress of time and her rules are mainly around manipulation of how many AP friendly and enemy models have. She also has a strong theme to bury models; on paper this looks like it should be very strong, but it is quite tricky to get to work as there are numerous stipulations on when and how it can be done. In addition, the enemy has only to pass a (fairly low) simple duel against a flat number to avoid it. My best use of the burying so far has been to take Killjoy, start with him buried, the fling him at the enemy crew to keep them busy while the rest of my crew score points. Overall, Tara seems to be regarded as a weak master in Outcasts; this might be true (after all, unless the balance in perfect then something is the weakest) but if so it is not by a big margin and she is certainly strong enough to play in tournaments and do well.

I was a bit stumped on how to paint Tara and after a couple of tests I ended up keeping her clothes simple and ‘realistic’ (i.e. not bright colours). I’m not really sure on the fluff as to why she has a giant monster arm, but it seemed like a good place to use for the pink that I’m using for my Outcasts theme. The photography is worse than usual; I couldn’t get the highlighting on her green coat to show up at all. It is hardly impressive of course, being intended for tabletop quality, but there was some work done on it.





Next on the painting table: Austringers.

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