Painted Gorten Grundback

This is Gorten Grundback (Gorten1 for future-proofing purposes), Mercenary Warcaster for Warmachine. I usually try to write a bit about how my miniatures perform for me in games at this point, but there is a new version of Warmachine coming out shortly so it seems a bit pointless. Anyway, the little chap has been fun to play in Warmachine second edition.

I stuck with green Warcaster armour to tie Gorten in with the other Mercenaries I’ve painted. I felt that greying hair fitted the receding hairline and distinguished feature of the Rhul-man. Since there was quite a lot of bling on both weapons I tried to mix up the colours a bit; normally I assume that weapons are meant to be functional (only) and therefore paint them monochromatic.





Next on the painting table: Tara, Herald of Obliteration.

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