Painted Karina

This is Karina, the totem for Tara’s crews in Malifaux. I use the pair as Outcasts but both Karina and Tara are dual-faction in Resurrectionists too in case I ever start to dabble in them. Karina is quite unusual for a totem in that she is expensive and neither Insignificant nor a Peon. She has a tolerable gun and some silly corner-case jank abilities that I never found a chance to use well, mainly related to buried models. Evidently Wyrd considered her to be a bit lack-lustre so she has a 0 soulstone upgrade to allow her to do some quite unusual summoning. In a few test games this has been quite handy, albeit highly dependent on getting lucky with card draw as she needs high crows to get it off. I don’t actually own any of the pieces that she can summon so I’ve never had an opportunity to try this in a tournament game. Overall, I’ve found I prefer the far-cheaper Malifaux child if Tara needs a totem at all, or a Freikorpsmann if I’m just looking for cheap gun.

Painting Karina was lovely. I decided early on that she needed a white dress; somewhere I my head I conflate her with a young Miss Havisham, eternally linked to her unused wedding gown. Since she’s only wearing one other item of clothing (apart from boots and one Michael Jackson-esque glove), it was clear that the ribbons would need to be the pink for this Outcast.




Next on the painting table: Gorten Grundback.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Karina

  1. Love the paint job! I have the same problem with her 0 upgrade (not owning the models for her to summon) but find I like the ability to hire my void fellers in a Resser Tara crew.

    • Thanks very much. In games with my friends (i.e. not tournaments) the summoning has been a bit hit and miss – sometimes you get a high crow and have the luxury to use it, other times not so much.

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