Painted Johan

This is Johan (formerly the Renegade Steamfitter) for my Malifaux Outcast crews. He’s quite a simple chap; fulfilling three main functions for me. First, and most obviously, he has a massive hammer that nobody wants to be hit with. Secondly, he has an (admittedly quite hard to cast) spell to remove conditions. While the ability to remove conditions in Malifaux will rarely win you a game, it is the case that not being able to do so can occasionally lose one for you. And finally, partly thanks to points one and two, the other crew will definitely want him to die. When he does, he helpfully leaves a scheme marker behind thanks to Finish The Job.

He’s a big chap, is Johan. Some of this is probably due to the legendary poor scaling of Wyrd’s otherwise excellent miniatures, but at least in his case one could reasonably accept that he’s meant to be quite massive. I had a blast painting his rippling muscles and denim overalls, topped of course with a touch of pink on the hat.





Next on the painting table: Karina.

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