Painted Freikorps Librarian

Here is the Freikorps Librarian, staple of my Outcast crews. The Librarian has a lot of versatility, a feature I value highly in Malifaux as your pieces have to fulfill a lot roles depending on the situation. First, she can heal models which can be critical depending on the game. Then she brings a Cast attack which does nice damage against anyone (and will occasionally allow an important card draw through the Surge trigger), gets round annoying Incorporeal defenses and can even be used via Furious Casting to really lay some damage into something. The Librarian is also helpfully wearing a Freikorps suit which provides armour and some helpful defence against blast damage. Finally, she is an Enforcer which can be quite handy now to get an occasional kill for the Hunting Party scheme.

I love the movement in the sculpt as I can really imagine the Librarian running along casting a spell at some hapless fool. She received the same paint scheme as the rest of the Freikorps since I feel like they should dress coherently.





Next on the painting table: Johan.

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