Painted Void Wretches

Here are the Void Wretches from the Malifaux Outcasts. Thematically they are like miniature Nothing Beasts, linked to Tara when I get round to painting her. These little chaps certainly have their place on the tabletop to score schemes, which is just as well since they’re not great at dealing more than trivial damage at anyone. They do have fantastic mobility thanks to Incorporeal and their decent movement stats, and the former ability also affords them a certain protection against most other scheme runners. I can’t see myself needing three at a time but I’ve certainly used them in pairs. The almost total lack of any offensive power is also quite handy at it removes the temptation to throw them in to anything but the most desperate attempts to finish things off. Void Wretches are pretty self-sufficient so I usually pick them for schemes which rely on my sending something off on its own; Power Ritual and Breakthrough are great for them and I’m looking forward to learning how to use them in the GG2016 schemes.

The colour scheme was a very simple copy of that from the Nothing Beast; i.e. pink all over. I do like to paint pink.





Next on the painting table: Rusty Alyce.

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