Painted Freikorps Specialist

Here is the next of the Outcast Freikorps off my table, the Specialist. Unlike the other Freikorps, I find this chap really hard to use well. He’s got a good ranged attack, especially since it ignores cover, and a suite of handy abilities either as actions or triggers. Being able to remove the other crew’s scheme markers at range is really handy, and the ‘Move or Burn’ action to remove Paralysed and Slow is excellent. The only downsides are the Specialist’s slow speed and high cost. I just can’t keep him up with the rest of the crew when I need him, and I feel like it is hard to justify the price tag. Tara’s crew has been my most successful place to try the Specialist as she can speed him up quite nicely. Jack Daw could also do the same by Tormenting him, but in each case I always wonder if the AP could be spent more effectively just taking something else.

The miniature is really nice though. I like the slightly understated pose as a contrast to some of the more dynamic ones available in the range. The painting was just the same as the other Freikorps, with the nice bright pilot light at the end of the flammenwerfer to draw the eye.




Next on the painting table: Void Wretches.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Freikorps Specialist

  1. He looks great

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