Painted Freikorps Trappers

This is a pair of Freikorps Trappers for the Outcasts in Malifaux, though they are Mercenaries and so can be hired in any faction. Trappers have a ridiculous reputation on the Wyrd forums which I think is partly hyperbolic, but it is certainly true that they are strong pieces. They’re not too expensive, have tolerable survivability for their cost and pack a very good gun. I would think that only the most open of boards would allow them the sort of dominance that some players report, but having built-in positive flips to attack and an increased range when focused does mean that it can be hard to hide effectively. From The Shadows allows them to start in an ideal sniper spot, though this can be annoying when deploying first as mine often find that something else horrible is hiding in the same place (frequently a Katanaka Sniper, who did remember to bring a sword unlike the Trapper who only packs a knife).

In the interests of making it possible to tell which Trapper is which, I left the cape off one of them. The back isn’t covered in detail but I think it looks OK. Otherwise, the paint work is the same as used on the Freikorpsmen and will appear again on the other Freikorps pieces. Strangely only one comes in the Von Schill box, which is currently the only normal way to acquire these chaps in plastic so the second is a ‘free’ temporary addition to the Guilty As Charged box and comes in dayglo pink plastic.





Next on the painting table: Freikorps Specialist.

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