Painted Nothing Beast

Here is the Nothing Beast for my Malifaux Outcasts. Thematically it is linked with Tara, Herald of Obliteration (more on her later) and acts a big fighting option. To be honest, I think it might be a little over priced; Outcasts have a lot of competition at the 10 soulstone mark and I’m not really sure that the Nothing Beast offers more than Hannah, Taelor or Bishop for the same price. Still, it is quick around the table and has a mighty melee range, so it probably has an interesting place in an Interference crew for example. Against crews without much in the way of casting attacks, the Nothing Beast’s survivability can be quite good thanks to Incorporeal. At least in a Tara crew, I think I prefer to spend the extra couple of soulstones and take Killjoy; Tara can fix Killjoy’s lack of mobility and doesn’t really benefit much from the Nothing Beast.

I was tempted to paint the Nothing Beast boring black since it meant to be a creature of the void, but opted for a more entertaining pink (Void Wretches will be the same when I get round to them). It seemed out-of-character to have different parts be different colour though, so it is pink all over. I took the highlighting up to white on the edge of some parts simply to liven up the look of it on the table.





Next on the painting table: Freikorps Trappers.

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