Painted Death Marshalls

I finally acquired and painted Death Marshals for my Malifaux collection. The Lady Justice box from which they come was out of stock for ages at the start of the year when I began picking up plastic Guild and I’d borrowed some of Joe’s Death Marshals and gradually got comfortable using them instead. After a very late birthday present I got the options to actually use my own Death Marshals for a change. I really like theses little chaps in the game; they’re really good scheme runners with Unimpeded and are generally tough enough to fight their way through most things that will compete with them out wide. They also have hilarious utility with their Pine Box action to bury anything that comes to get them. Of course, their most famous trick is to bury Papa Loco after he has used his Hold This ability on something with a good damage track to stop him activating again and hence removing the effect and also to stop his sorry slow self being blown up in the middle of my crew. With Hard To Wound they can hold out for a while (and drop scheme markers when they die anyway) but Death Marshals really hate seeing anything with minimum damage of 3 or more.

I have mixed feelings about the miniatures themselves. The whole concept of the Death Marshal is really nice, but one of them (the crouching one) is much bigger scale than the other two, and I feel like the one with his foot on the coffin has a slightly unnatural pose (and also is a somewhat unstable on his base). I did very much enjoy painting them though. In addition to the red I’ve been using for the majority of my Guild, I wanted these to tie in with my Outcasts as Tara can take them via an upgrade. So I made the flames look magical rather than realistic, choosing to take them from white to purple by way of the pink that I liked on the Freikorpsmen. The flames don’t look so great in a zoomed in photo, but I actually felt that they work well enough at table top range.





Next on the painting table: The Nothing Beast.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Death Marshalls

  1. I really like the colours you’ve used. I’ve not seen DM’s painted this way and they really stand out. Magic flames are also usually Green or Blue a this also works really well.

    • Thank you very much. I like to paint, and although I’m not rigid about playing only with painted miniatures I do prefer to do so.

      For the flames, I originally only used a couple of shades of pink but it didn’t really give the impression I was looking for. Moving to purple for the ‘coldest’ parts of the flames looked much more like I intended.

  2. Very nice, it seems to me your skills are improving a lot, recently. Well done.
    I also have just completed a model with pink flames. Who is it? Pics as soon as I manage to take them 😛

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on your excellent blog to see the pink flames on this mystery miniature.

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