Painted Cylena Raefyll and Nyss Hunters

Here are Cylena Raefyll and her Nyss Hunters from the Warmachine Mercenaries; they’re not very picky though and will work for quite a few other factions. They have great defence but terrible armour, and are therefore in theory quite nice with the Warcaster Gorten Grundback as he can protect them from blast damage with his Solid Ground spell. In practice, the Nyss are really fast and Gorten is really slow (and wants to be at the back anyway) so quite often they are too far away from him to benefit from Solid Ground. Still, I really like the Nyss as they are fast and have a variety of cool special rules that let them do what I need most of the time, which is usually kill a few things and then be annoying to get rid of in return.

I painted the Nyss Hunters with mostly green armour, partly to match up somewhat with the primary colour on my Press Gangers and partly because even in a fantasy world where giant robots painted in bright reds and blues punch each other repeatedly, it seems worthwhile to dress in mostly natural colours if your plan is to hide in a wood. Putting the Nyss together was rather frustrating as the arms, body and weapons are all separate and have tiny contact points that require extensive pinning. I was quite glad to persevere through it as hopefully it will make the miniatures more robust in play and transport. I also did a little plastic surgery on the grunts (i.e. not Cylena) as they originally came with really big crooked noses that made them stand out as markedly different from their leader. Possibly they are meant to be related to Mortiis. Either way, I trimmed the noses a little.


Cylena Raefyll allows an extra rule while she’s in play and is fractionally better at fighting than the rest of her unit. As a result, she is frequently the first to die; of course this is really due to my poor play. For reasons that are not clear to me, she not only uses a different set of armour to the other Nyss Hunters, but rather impractically chooses to bare her midriff despite the backstory for the Nyss being that they hail from the frozen North.




There are only two weapons, two heads and three body types for the grunts so I tried to put them together to get variety.  Even so I think I did end up with a couple of identical twins.  Still, this is normal in Warmachine; the Press Gangers literally have duplicate miniatures.  At least one advantage to the huge number of bits that needed to be assembled for the Nyss Hunters is that they have a small amount of customisability.





Warmachine seems to be very big on the ‘what you see is what you get’ that was common in Warhammer 40,000 when we played that.  Hence all these miniatures have to have both bows and claymores to represent the relevant rules in the game, even though I think that the bows look a little awkward on the sword-wielding ones’ backs.  I couldn’t think of anywhere more appropriate to put them though.





I tried to emphasise that they are not just pointy-eared humans but giving the Nyss a very pale white skin tone.  This is just white with blue ink, then highlighted back to white again.





Next on the painting table: Death Marshals.

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