Painted Killjoy

Here is Killjoy, iconic Mercenary from the Outcasts of Malifaux. Killjoy is a raging killing machine, capable of cutting through swathes of crews at a time; of course this is to be expected considering his hefty price tag. So far I’ve only tried the big chap with Tara, who can mess with his bury / unbury shenanigans and make him Fast for even more nastiness; in addition she can rebury Killjoy to avoid him rampaging around my own crew or taking too much heat in return. The simplest way to play this is to move up Tara aggressively in her first activation, then use her second to unbury Killjoy and make him fast. Killjoy is then thrown forward into a target of choice and can put out 8 to 12 wounds of damage fairly reliably between his high number of attacks (4 on the unburying turn, plus occasionally he’ll generate more with his Onslaught trigger). I’m still undecided whether the best option is to target a single high value target or a cluster of relatively easy victims and I suppose that the answer will differ on a game-by-game basis. It isn’t too difficult to take out Killjoy once he has been fired, so effectively I trade him each game for a couple of small pieces or one big one, plus a few activations to actually kill him.

I painted Killjoy with pale skin to match the Enslaved Nephilim, to whom I suppose he must be related. I haven’t decided if I’ll stick with this theme if I ever pick up any Neverborn. The skin is simply white paint with a blue wash, then re-highlighted with white again. The pink is to link Killjoy visually to the Freikorpsmen; again I am not sure if I’ll stick with a pink motif throughout the Outcasts or if I’ll eventually run out of places to put that colour without it looking (more) silly. I do love to paint pink.





Next on the painting table: Cylena Raefyll and Nyss Hunters.

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