Painted Steam Trunk

This is the Steam Trunk, the totem for the Malifaux Outcast master, Von Schill. I haven’t actually played Von Schill yet so I don’t have any feeling for how the Steam Trunk works on the table. I will say that I’ve almost never seen it played against me when I face Von Schill crews. I bought the Freikorps crew box so that I could use the rest of the crew with Tara.

In fact, the only reason that this little box made it so far up the painting queue was because I found it so irritating. For a 3 soulstone totem it comes in a ridiculous 33 pieces to assemble. For practical painting reasons I had to paint it up in 4 separate sections: both tracks, the lid and the main body. I couldn’t put it on the base until I had the whole thing painted and put together. The Steam Trunk was simple enough to paint. I made sure that the little Freikorps suit in the middle had colours matching the actual Freikorpsmen.




Next on the painting table: Killjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Steam Trunk

  1. 33 pieces?


    It’s a cute little trunk, but manufacturing that many components is a bizarre decision decision.

    Still, at least it’s done now.

    • Yes indeed, 33 bits. Each track assembly alone is 7 parts. I like the Wyrd stuff in general but I feel sure that this piece was needlessly convoluted. Contrarily, my irritation at how annoying it was to put together contributed to bumping it way up the painting queue.

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