Painted Freikorpsmen

Here are the first of my Malifaux Outcasts, at least out of the ones I purchased with the idea of playing them as Outcasts; the Freikorpsmen. They are cheap minions in game who are pretty good at most things but arguably suffer a bit by not being really great at any one thing. I like them though as they often seem to have something going for them that is relevant, be that their resilience (armour and immune to blasts and some other stuff), speed (unimpeded, but not too slow either) or attack (the damage track is nothing special but they have a good Ml stat on the knife and having a gun can be handy once they have got to where they are going. A Freikorpsmann does have one entertaining synergy with Hannah, who can copy Reference The Field Guide to add a second tome to her melee attack and cause swathes of horror duels on bunched up enemies.

Although a realistic set of mercenaries would employ drab colours (or maybe camouflage, I don’t actually know when that became even slightly common in warfare), that would be boring to paint. Instead, I decided to liven up the grey Friekorps suits with a nice bright pink detailing and armour. I have a feeling I stole that scheme from someone else’s Freikorps crew but I can’t remember who. If it was you, feel free to let me know and I’ll give credit where it is due. I very much enjoyed painting these chaps. Maybe because there was only two of them rather than the usual trio of minions in Wyrd’s boxes, or maybe because of the nice style and varied yet somewhat plausible poses.





Next on the painting table: Steam Trunk

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