Painted Guardian

Another construct for my Malifaux Guild crew, this time we have the Guardian. It brings a few useful things to table, not least a mightly 3″ melee range at a Ml value of 7. Even with the fairly weak damage track, that makes it quite helpful in Squatter’s Rights to lock down a couple of markers. The main trick that Guardian brings is the Protect ability to add the Defensive condition to anothr model for (0) action. This can be hilarious with Perdita’s natively high defense in particular.

The painting job here was simple as usual for my Guild constructs – metallic drybrushing for the most part with some red on the wiring sections to keep the tie in with the rest of the crew. I’ve also put in some bronze colouring on the more elaborate bits (mainly the shield) though I don’t really feel like the Guild would be the sort of folks to put that kind of bling on their robots.





Next on the painting table: Mechanical Attendant.

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