Painted Watcher

I bought the Malifaux Metal And Flesh box pretty much entirely for the minions included as they seem to work so well for both Sonnia Criid and Perdita Ortega. This is the first of them, the Watcher. This little chap is a straightforward scheme runner; it’s pretty unlikely to do any more than trivial damage in any attack. The Watcher’s chief advantages are high speed and low cost; this makes it perfect for sending out to Interact for whatever schemes and strategies are needed. The few defensive abilities on the card (Armour and Stubborn) are certainly not enough to stop any sort of serious attempt to down the Watcher, so the main way this minion will survive is by being low enough down the threat priority list that no-one attacks it. One interesting option on the card is a (2) action to allow the Master to use the Watcher for drawing Line of Sight. In theory, this should be really useful for Sonnia or Perdita, but in practice there has never been a time where I’ve felt that would be a better use of the Watcher’s AP compared dropping scheme markers or moving to safer locations.

I thought for a while about the paint scheme for the Guild constructs but ended up deciding to paint them all as being metal. I had considered slapping some nice colours on the metalwork to make it look like the manufacturers had painted the body work but I figured in the end that this would look less nice and also didn’t really seem in character for the faction. So here it is, a simple metal framework and body with leather wings and a red eye to link it to the rest of the Guild. The miniature itself is quite frustrating, as it is extremely spindly and has a very strange effect on the wings where one is much larger than the other. I suppose that this is meant to be some kind of forced perspective but it just looks weird in 3D. Another side effect of the massive wingspan is that the Watcher is awkward to store and use on the tabletop. Lucky for it that the piece is so effective in-game.



Next on the painting table: Hunters.

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