Painted Perdita Ortega part 2

Perdita Ortega completes the Family box for my Malifaux Guild collection. She’s the master and is, not surprisingly considering her miniature, focused around ranged damage output. Most seem to favour playing her in-theme (i.e. with the other Ortegas) but I don’t think that the benefits she gets from that are really worth ignoring the many other excellent options in Guild. Her main benefit from keeping her crew full of Ortegas is that she increases the options to Relocate toward at the start of her activation. There are also a couple of Perdita-specific upgrades that give various advantages to other Ortegas. I generally find her most effective as a trouble-shooter while the rest of my crew go about the business of scoring points (though of course she’s pretty handy to have if we play Reckoning or if Make Them Suffer is in the scheme pool). With her Trick Shooting upgrade Perdita is capable of dealing enough damage to kill almost any target in the game each round; indeed one of the tough parts of playing this master is choosing which of the excellent (0) actions to use each turn.

Perdita has been well-loved by Wyrd and I think that this is the fourth sculpt already. I like the simplicity of this one – she’s a gunslinger and the miniature is of a lady pointing a gun at something. Painting Perdita was very enjoyable; I chose to use the standard cowboy style of leather chaps and denim trousers to go with the standard-issue red on her coat. Here is how my previous Perdita looked.





Next on the painting table: Watcher

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